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Administering a Deceased’s Estate is not a formulaic science

Trying to buy advice or representation where the prime factor is price, is a dangerous and often counterproductive game. Clients complete an online form. They believe their circumstances to be straightforward and require no special advice. However, in many instances they reveal cases that are more complex than originally contemplated and which require a more bespoke approach.

Alternatively, a blended approach whereby clients complete a relatively comprehensive questionnaire which is followed up by a series of e-meetings proves more suitable for those whose might want tax advice or whose circumstances were not entirely straightforward.

Taking instructions is not just a simple case of ticking boxes and tinkering with standard templates. One does not simply rely on replies to standard questionnaires, but on the instincts and experience of the lawyer to draw out the required information. This often leads to unexpected lines of enquiry, which result in outcomes that achieve a client’s needs but in ways that neither the client nor their lawyer expected.

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